Art Activities

Different art activities lend themselves to different groups or times of year. But no matter what the art activity, there is room in the workshop for silence, prayer and for listening deeply.

Possible workshops include:

  • Painting Mandalas: Circle paintings (mandalas) with silk, held in embroidery hoops, using silk paints, beads, and ribbons. Pieces range in size from 6 – 10’’ in diameter. Working within a circle allows for centering into prayer. The piece can be hung on a wall when finished.
  • Painting Prayer Shawls: Silk scarves measuring approximately 14” x 60” are painted using silk dyes and paints for unique shawls that can be used in prayer or as a reminder of a time of prayer.
  • Weaving Crosses: On a small hand held loom (8 x 10”) with copper wire, crosses are woven with strips of fabric and embellished with beads and ribbons reflecting ones prayers The motion of weaving – over, under, over under, offers a meditative, prayerful process.
  • Creating Prayer Books: With fabric, paper, words and images, we create personal prayer books to help us express our prayers.


Art materials for the workshops are abundant! Workshop participants experience rich colors and textures.  There are shimmering silks, wonderful art papers, silk paints, beads, medals, ribbons, yarns, collage images, batik fabrics, stamping materials – whatever we need to help us express our “soul prayers” in the art project.

“An artist is not a special kind of person. Rather, every person is a
special kind of artist.” – Meister Eckhart


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