About the Workshops

“The experience of leading people in contemplative creativity workshops is that making art is possible for all, a joy to most, and is for many a “way in” to God’s healing, loving presence …. Claiming this activity as part of an ordinary prayer life can allow a new awareness of God’s expansive, creative, Holy Presence.”
- Lynn Penney, Praying in Color Presence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction. Volume 13, No 4

Whether the workshop is for a full day, a weekend retreat, or an evening, you can expect …

  • Poems, singing, silence
  • Open, informal presentation of the art projects
  • Guidance in making art as a form of contemplation and keeping our judgmental egos quieter for a time
  • Permission to make art – or not – as you feel most comfortable
  • Experienced facilitation during times of sharing in the group
  • An abundance of art materials

Making art as a form of contemplation, rather than “good” art, frees workshop participants from self-judgments and inhibitions that stop us not only from expressing our own creativity but from entering that loving expansiveness where our hearts can be aware of our inner wholeness.

In a contemplative environment – where we have support and are not judged – workshops participants create unique pieces that speak to their souls, with sacredness.

The pieces we make are ordinary in their execution but are extraordinary in their uniqueness, depth and connection. These workshops allow for timeless adult play – with color and form. They allow for the deep nourishment of true re-creation.


Lynn Penney

Cell: 917-538-9752

Email: Lynn Penney lynn.penney@hotmail.com

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