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Lynn Penney is an experienced workshop leader. Gifted in creating sacred space, she helps participants move past barriers to enter a time of art and contemplation. Her art instructions are simple and clear. Art materials are well organized and abundant.

Over the past several years, Lynn has led contemplative art workshops and retreats from New Orleans to Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, and throughout the New York City area. The Director of Human Resources and Administration at Guilford Press, Lynn has extensive experience in leadership settings. In 2006, she completed a program at the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation, where she received a certificate for leading Contemplative Prayer Group and Retreats. Her article “Praying in Color” appeared in the December 2007 issue of Presence Magazine. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Mike and dog, Trip.

Lynn can be reached at lynn.penney@hotmail.com or 917-538-9752.

“I have not always been an artist. I picked up a paintbrush ten years ago when my father died, and painting has become my most fundamental prayer. Together, the holy Other and I paint a circle, watch one color blend with another, or extend the branch on a tree. This is when I practice how to listen deeply, take risks, and respond openly to our living Creator.”
– Lynn Penney, Praying in Color Presence: An International Journal of
Spiritual Direction. December 2007, Volume 13, No 4


Lynn Penney

Cell: 917-538-9752

Email: Lynn Penney lynn.penney@hotmail.com

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